Zeke Beakerman
Character Information
Full Name Zeke Beakerman
Gender Male
Age 18
Resides in New York City
Occupation student/ alien league leader
Family  ?
Powers  ?
Love Interest  ?

Zeke Beakerman (Dan Benson) is a friend of Justin. Zeke is considered "cool", yet nerdy. He attends Tribeca Prep and is in advanced chemistry along with Justin. He is also part of an "alien language" club; he and Justin often "speaks alien" to each other. Dan Benson, however, first appeared in "Movies", where his name was Zack Rosenblack and he was later re-cast as Zeke Beakerman. He and Justin are also on the same Quiz Bowl team in "Smarty Pants". Zeke and Justin have tried out for several sports teams, but have apparently failed at all of them except Justin in the basket ball team, and Zeke in cheer leading . In "Fashion Week", they somehow succeed at talking to models. Zeke got the role of Peter Pan in the school play in "Fairy Tale". In the episode "Wizard For a Day", he is upset when the real aliens do not understand his "alien speak". Zeke and Harper go to "Zombie Prom" together. As of Season 3 Zeke has been featured in episodes more often. In "Alex Saves Mason", he came close to finding out The Russos' secret, after seeing Mason transform from a wolf to an in between stage of human and wolf. It is rumored he may become a main character in season 4.


Season 1

  • Movies (as Zack)
  • Report Card

Season 2

  • Smarty Pants
  • Racing
  • Alex's Brother Maximan
  • Baby Cupid
  • Fairy Tale
  • Fashion Week
  • Paint By Committee
  • Wizard For a Day
  • Wizards & Vampires vs Zombies

Season 3

  • Marathon Helper
  • Positive Alex
  • Detention Election
  • Third Wheel
  • Dad's Buggin' Out
  • Alex Russo Matchmaker
  • Delinquent Justin
  • Wizards vs. Finkles
  • All about you-Niverse
  • Wizards Unleashed
  • Wizards Exposed


Zeke & Harper

Harper and Zeke at Anti-Prom

Harper Finkle

Zeke has shown interest in Harper, but the two have gone on a date at Alex's Zombie Prom. Zeke accepted when Harper asked him immediately, and appeared to enjoy himself with her, often complimenting her. In "Alex Russo, Matchmaker?", Alex convinces Zeke to ask Harper to be his science fair partner after Justin decided he wanted to be alone in the Science fair this year. He said that he's always wanted to talk to Harper, and they both have a crush on each other. In Wizards Unleashed, they have their first kiss.

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