"You survived the bloodsucking saga of Wizards vs Vampires, you escaped the fangs of Wizards vs Werewolves, but now the Russo family has a Date with Destiny. In a three part Tale of Darkness, Wizards vs Angels..."-promo

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Wizards vs. Angels was three part story arc which centers around Justin relationship with former Angel of Darkness, Rosie, which led to his corruption and eventual fall from grace. The series ends with Alex saving the world by bringing the Moral Compass back to the Guardian Angels and Rosie return to be a Guardian Angels in training teacher.


The leader of the Angels of Darkness, Gorog, sents his pupil Rosie to corrupt the Wizard in training Justin Russo so he could steal the Moral Compass. Their plans succeed and they fill the world with evil and darkness. But Rosie truly fall in love with Justin and with Alexs' help she brings Justin back to his senses and saves the world.


Everythings' Rosie for Justin

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Desguised as a deliquent wizard, Rosie enters in Justin deliquent class to seduce him. But her clumsylessness in magic forces Alex to enchant her so she makes all her movements. The plan backfires and Rosie is revealed to be a Angel.

Dancing with Angels

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Due to Justins' family constantly interrupting his romantic dates with Rosie they decide to go to the Angels Club in Los Angeles. The date is completely ruined by Alex intervation but Rosie says she still loves him. In the end it's revealed she's a angel of darkness.

Wizards vs. Angels

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Due to Rosie's influence, Justin become mean and begun to make pranks on Waverly Place Street bystanders. Worried about Justin current behavior Alex goes to the Guardian Angels Dispatch Center where she meets a Guardian Angel in training named Tina. The Guardian Angel Officer sents a angel to watcher over Justin but he's captured by Rosie. When Tina recognizes Rosie she tolds Alex that Rosie is a Angel of Darkness. Alex tells Justin about Rosie being a Angel of Darkness but he ignores her. Convinced by Rosie, Justin steals the Moral Compass which Gorog uses to corrupt the planet. But when Gorog threathns Justin life, Rosie asks Alex for help and together they bring Justin back to his senses and regain the Moral Compass.


Due to her heroic actions Alex is rewarded with the Wizard of the Year prize which allows her to return back to her family Wizard Competition. Gorog, however, would desguise himself as Dexter and make a new plan to steal the compass.

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