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Latest Episode
"Who Will Be The Family Wizard" is the 27th episode of season four, and the final episode of the series.

Justin, Alex and Max face a sudden and ultimate test to determine which one of them will be entitled to keep their wizardly powers. Meanwhile, Jerry decides it might finally be time to close down the family business for good... Read More?

Featured Character
Gorog, is a Angel of Darkness that tried to steal the Moral Compass and turn the world evil.

Gorog, was the master behind Alex's 13th floor apartment, Gorog tried many times to get access to the Wizard World.

Which season was your favorite?

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In the last poll we asked
"Who do you think will win the Wizard Competition and become the family wizard?",
and 53.49% said Somehow all 3 will win/Twist!
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Wizards of Waverly Place - Who Will Be The Family Wizard - Promo 2012

Wizards of Waverly Place - Who Will Be The Family Wizard - Promo 2012

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