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WikiWizards:Manual of Style is style and content manual on how certain things should be done on this wiki. This manual will explain the format to be adopted for writing, titles, articles, and linking. This page is a especially useful for first time editors of Chuck Wiki as it will allow them to appreciate the various contextual features of this specific wiki.


  • Naming - Images should be given simple, descriptive names instead of random numbers and letters eg "Selena Gomez not "1535353 Selena".
  • Pictures used on character pages should ideally be a screen cap or picture of the actor from the episode they appeared in, and not just be a picture of the actor or actress.
  • If you feel that an article picture needs replacing, simply upload a new image to that file name instead of creating a brand new file name. This will stop the rise in unused image on this wiki.


When editing look out for:

  • Dead end pages - These are pages that do not contain any links which is bad as it means the reader has nowhere to go after they've read the page. To solve this add a few links eg if you mean a character or an object, link to it.
  • Wall of text - This refers to a page where the text on the page that is not broken up into paragraphs. This is bad as it makes the page hard to read so break the page into paragraphs.
  • Cast list - Cast list appear on episode pages and should be bullet pointed using " * ". They should NOT be underlined or bold.

Page creation:

  • When creating a new page, please check that it there is not already a page on this subject with a diffrent spelling. This can be done by a simple search.
  • Do not create unnecessary pages for random everyday objects like pens etc. They will be deleted.
  • After submitting your page make sure that another article links to it as it makes it more likely that people will find it. To solve this create links in RELATED articles eg if your page is about a character seen in an episode, then perhaps the episode page can link to your article.


  • When you link to another article, eg a character page, make sure that the text in your link is spelt the same as the page your linking to. This can be done by quickly looking for the page your linking to add coping the title into your link.
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