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Layout guide is to a large extent standardized on Wizards of Waverly Place Wiki. Sections and their headings should largely be consistent across broadly similar categories of articles. In addition, all articles should have lead sections that summarize the subject of an article, unless otherwise stated, and the applicable infobox template if one exists.

In general, these sections should appear in this order if they are needed in an article:

  • History is always used for the background history of the article's subject. It must be the first heading. On event articles, it is the background that led to the actual event. Never name such sections anything else other than "History".
  • Trivia sections are permitted; they must always use this title to make this clear.

The word "the" should never be used to start a heading e.g. "Wizard Competition" instead of "The Wizard Competition" unless it is the beginning of an episode name e.g. "The Supernatural".


  • History
    A summarization of the character's key moments throughout the series.
  • Personality
    A description of the character's personality, and moments from the series to back it up.
  • Abilities
    A descriptive list of the character's powers and abilities. If none, this section should be left out.
  • Relationships
    • Family
    • List of romantic relationships
  • Appearances
    List of episodes the character has appeared in. This section should mostly be used for minor or recurring characters who do not appear in the majority of episodes.
  • Trivia
    Unknown or fun facts.


  • Overview
    A short summary of the episodes storylines.
  • Summary
    More in depth summary of the events in the episode.
  • Production Notes
    • Spells
      List and description of the spells used.
    • Continuity
      List of moments that call back to past events or future events.
    • Goofs
      Mistakes in the episode that may or may not have been intentional.
  • Trivia
    Unknown or fun facts.
  • Cast
    List of the featured cast.