“Wizards Exposed”
Wizards Exposed
Season 3, Episode 29
Air date

October 15, 2010


Richard Goodman


Bob Koherrr

Episode Chronology


Wizards Unleashed


Alex Tells the World

"Wizards Exposed" is the twenty-ninth episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place and the eighty-first episode of the overall series. It first aired on October 15, 2010.


The episode begins with Harper bringing home-made hats that she and the gang could use on their double date. However, Alex says that she and Mason will not be wearing them. After Zeke and Mason go shopping to get Mason body spray since he smells like a dog (because he doesn't know Mason is a werewolf), government agents raid the Sub Station and Agent Lamwood reveals that the U.S. government knows that the Russo family are wizards and arrests them (except Harper who at the moment was upstairs).

At a secret government facility, the Russo's are brought to an interrogation.

  • Max, as usual, acts like himself and when asked how wizards get their powers, he talks about how Jerry makes them gain extra weight in the winter in order to keep heating costs down;
  • Alex tricks the agents into giving her a burger with fries and soda, after which she declares that she will tell them nothing;
  • Unfortunately, Justin is tricked because of his obsession with aliens invading the Earth and exposes magic to the government.

Back at the Magic Lair, Harper is trying to contact the Wizard world when Mason comes in. Being informed that the Russo's had been captured, Mason passes through the portal to warn Professor Crumbs. A few moments later government agents come and raid the magical community but Harper escapes capture by using magical items as a disguise.

Meanwhile, back the government facility, the Russo family escapes and goes to a hall where other wizards are also chained, including Professor Crumbs and Chancellor Rootie Tootietootie. Agent Lamwood and the other agents arrive, with Mason as their prisoner. Using a magic cootie catcher, Alex casts a duplication spell to escape the agents. A scientist helps the Russo's escape through a secret escape hatch and they end up emerging in the middle of a desert. Realizing they cannot go home, the group is stuck on what they should do next until Alex convinces them that they need to expose their magic in public in order to convince the authorities and the public to free the other wizards whom the government has unlawfully detained.


  • Edgebono Utoosis - The ability to duplicate any object or individual.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jonathan Kite as Agent Lamwood
  • Daryl "Chill" Mitchell as Scientist One


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