"Why things are so weird in the Wizard World?" — Harper, the Good, the Bad and the Alex

Wizard World
Location Parallel dimension
Inhabitant Wizards, Amy, creatures of sorcery and other magically born lifeforms
First Crazy 10-Minute Sale
The Wizard World is a magical parallel, but independent dimension that serves as a haven not just for wizards, but for all kinds of magical creatures. It's rarely seen, but is very surreal, defying all logic and reason.

The wizard world is a portal within a portal where "everything is not what it seems" in the wizard world.


There are many ruling departments over the Wizard World. One of such is the Wizard Family Competition Commission Office, which deals with the Wizard Competition itself. Their duties are unknown but they might be responsible for the Stripping Power Device and to make sure no one has powers


The Wizard Tribunal is responsible to deal with crimes against the Wizard Law. They use a lot of magical devices, including the Replay Crystal Ball and an infinite table of judges.

There are also Crystals of Justice, which are located in mountains resembling the Alps, as seen in The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex. These enchanted crystal formations form an independent panel of judges that consists of its own section of the Wizard government. Professor Crumbs seems to have more authority than the council.


The Wizard World is very complex and surreal: that is how far a person is the bigger the person is and how close the person is, the smaller he/she is. Also, only a few locations are shown:

  • City Hall, where the Wizard Tribunal might be found.
  • A "foggy" zone where the portals are located that lead to the mortal world.
  • A place where the wizard fashion show dress making competition took place.
  • A stadium where monster fights take place
  • A forest area with a mountain in the midst of it.
  • The market place
  • A place were the wizard competition is held
  • A place were the Gryphon lives. 

Also, anyone who knows of the existence of magic can access the Wizard World without being punished, such as Jerry who was capable of entering the Wizard World marketplace without any prejudice.

Magic-fueled technology

One thing of interest in the Wizard World is that it's at the same (or likely superior as it's magic-fueled) technological level of the non-magical humans. Magical devices like scanners, a magical version of the internet, a vast network of portals and also email-like teleport have been shown. Wizards also posses the I.P.P., a high tech teleporter that can teleport anyone to any place at any time.

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