Wizard Instant Parcel Service (WIPS)

Instant portal spell


Mailus Spontaneous, (person's name or place)


MAY-lus spon-TAY-ni-us


Instant mail portal


Opens up a portal for sending wizard mail and other items instantly

First mention

Wizard School, Part 1

The Wizard Instant Parcel Service (or WIPS for short) is a spell used to open up a portal to send mail and items to another person or place. The incantation is mailus spontaneous, and the spell must be used in conjunction with a special portal key.



The key used to open a WIPS portal.

The spell is first introduced in the episode "Wizard School, Part 1", where Jerry attempts to explain the concept of WIPS to the Alex, Max and Justin in the lair, who dismiss it a less efficient form of e-mail.

The spell is prominent throughout the episode, as it is the cause of Alex being sent to WizTech alongside Justin (after she tries to "vacuum" the living room with the WIPS portal), and it is also one of the reasons why Alex was able to stumble onto Dr. Evilini's secret message, as she received a detention from trying to send herself home with WIPS, which lead her to find Evilini's messenger cheese puffs  instantly

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