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The Wizard Competion is a magical battle between wizarding siblings to decide who will became the Family Wizard (Full Wizard). The reason why there's a Wizard Competition because only one wizarding sibling becoming the Family Wizard is proved to be worthy if he/she's responsible with their powers.

The Battle

After all Wizards became of age, and after reach Level 5 of magic, they will be teleported to an ancient battlefield. The siblings arrive in the middle of a corridor and had to get into one of the balconies so they can be provided with wands.

The Family Wizard then puts a glowing orb into the altar in the middle of the battlefield. The siblings are then teleported down to corners of the battlefield. When the Family Wizards says it, the siblings had to fight their way into the orb with the spells of the four elements (fire, earth, air and water) to slow down the adversaries and increase their own speed. The first wizard to touch the orb and absorve it into his/her body will became the winner and the looser will get nothing.

Rules about the Wizard Competion

  • If all the siblings are not in a high level in magic study when get into the appropriate age, the competion will not happen (this is sugested by Professor Crumbs in Alex Tells the World);
  • The only spells allowed are the ones evolving the four elements;
  • If one of the fighters is not realy trying to win even if they touch the orb, they will not win;
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