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The wizard tournament, or wizard competition, is a tournament held in every wizard family to determine who will be that family's wizard and become a full wizard. The wizard competition is usually held in an old arena and subject to certain types of spells (i.e. Elemental spells, Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie). It is not certain if there is a specific date or age that there is required to take the wizard competition. On the show, it is said that the winner will gain the powers of a full wizard, but the bad part about that is that the other wizards who don't win lose their powers and become mortal. In special cases, however, the winner of the wizard competition can decide that he wants to give his powers to another, mainly a former wizard, in order to comply with wizard rules. In the case of the Russo family competition, Jerry Russo was the winner of the family wizard competition by beating both his siblings Kelbo and Megan Russo, but he decided to give his powers to Kelbo to marry Theresa Larkin, a mortal. Wizard rules stated that "under no circumstances can a mortal marry a wizard." Now that the show is currently in Season 4, it is said that Alex, Justin, and Max are all about to take the wizard competition to determine who will be the next Russo family wizard, yet we still do not know when it will occur. In the movie, Alex accidentally wished that her parents had never met while holding the family wand and forbidden book of spells, but it was accidentally granted. Near the end of the movie, we witness that Alex and Justin must compete in the wizard competition before they disappear forever, seeing as their parents had never met. Jerry, who is a wizard at the time, transports Alex, Justin, and himself to an arena to compete iwth the use of the family wand. Jerry stated that the only spells that they were allowed to use were elemental spells. Before the battle started, a monument in the middle of a field resembling Stonehenge rose from the ground, and Jerry put his powers on the pedestal in the middle. As the competition starts, Justin used a fire spell to surround Alex, and Alex responded by using a mud puddle spell to trip Justin as she used a water spell to extinguish the fire and to use it as transportation. After a series of clashes, Alex ends up winning the competition, becoming the Russo family wizard. Now having won the competition, she tries to figure out how to fix things, and witnesses Justin being ripped away in a tornado. As she struggles, her mom finally gets the Stone of Dreams and Alex uses her wish to return everything to normal at the cost of becoming a normal wizard again. During the show, we learn that if any wizard reveals magic to the non-wizard world, they will be moved down to level one in the competition and cannot compete until they reach level three, which was said to be impossible. It is rumored that Justin and Alex level back up to three after being leveled down to one in the episode wizard of the year. In the case that you are leveled down, you can take a community course, such as Justin did, to gain a level.

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