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First "Wizard School (Part 1)"

WizTech is the wizarding school that Justin, Alex, and later on Max, occasionally attended. Justin applied for WizTech and got accepted to go there for summer school.

When Alex got in trouble for using magic, Justin accidentally gave Jerry and Theresa the idea to send Alex too. Students at the school have to wear cloaks and glasses, reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe. Justin was later promoted to headmaster of WizTech after the wizard competition because Professor Crumbs was retiring.


  • Alex Russo (former)
  • Justin Russo (former)
  • Max Russo (former)
  • Hugh Normous - He thinks he is in a giant family, but finds out that he has been adopted by giants. His foster parents gave him tiny things so his self-esteem wouldn't get bruised. Alex and Hugh are friends, but she doesn't want to admit it at first.
  • Jerko Phoenix - A champion 12-Ball player, therefore also Justin's rival. He wears an eyepatch only to keep him from wearing the Harry Potter-style glasses. His name is a parody of Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter's rival at Hogwarts.
  • Ronald Longcape Jr. - An evil student who wants him and his father to take over WizTech. He tries to become the most powerful wizard, but is thwarted by the power of true love.

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  • Professor Crumbs (retired in 2012) was the headmaster of the school, and someone who Justin looks up to and respects a lot. He is a reference to Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster at Hogwarts in Harry Potter.
  • Dr. Evilini (fired in 2007) is an evil wizard who tried to take Justin's powers for her own, but was thwarted when Alex put a truth spell on her.
  • Professor Malony is an unseen teacher who somehow defeated Crumbs in a "beard contest."
  • Professor Justin Russo (hired in 2012) is the newest headmaster of WizTech. Crumbs offered him the job after the Russo Family Competition.


  • The students wear spectacles and robes similar to the Harry Potter universe. Alex comments, "With those glasses and robe you remind me of someone. Garry . . . Larry . . . Barry."
  • WizTech may be a reference to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry from the Harry Potter series.


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