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*Theresa Russo, washes dishes/server
*Theresa Russo, washes dishes/server
*Justin Russo, server/cook/dish washer/host
*Justin Russo, server/cook/dish washer/host
*Andre Russo former worker season 1-4 first episode to Who Will Be the Family Wizard server/cook/ disherwasher
*Alex Russo, server/cook
*Alex Russo, server/cook
*Max Russo, server/dish washer/ owner
*Max Russo, server/dish washer/ owner

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Sub Station
Location Waverly Place, Manhattan
Inhabitant The Russo Family
First First episode

The Waverly Sub Station is a sub sandwich restaurant situated in Waverly Place in Manhattan, New York's Greenwich Village neighborhood. The restaurant is owned by the main family of the show, the Russos.

They also live above the shop in their apartment, The Loft, which customers can walk up the spiral staircase right into their apartment. The sub station is designed to look like a train station, the idea coming from Mr. Russo. Their freezer is known to magically hold the Russo Family Lair. Apart from Harper, the staff of the sub station is made of members of the Russo family. During the Waverly Place County Fair, they would run a haunted house, which was closed due to the lack of a scary theme.

There have been many jokes referring to the fact that the Sub Station serves stale food, old meat and etc.


The Waverly Sub Station is known to sell sandwiches, soda, and briefly pasta. Some of their specials also feature foods like hot dogs. They are also known to sell red and blue chips and coffee cake. They also run specials such as Meat me in Turkey, Meat me in Italy, and The Brooklyn Bridge.


  • Jerry Russo, former owner (because Max now owns it)
  • Lenny Hune, former owner
  • Theresa Russo, washes dishes/server
  • Justin Russo, server/cook/dish washer/host
  • Andre Russo former worker season 1-4 first episode to Who Will Be the Family Wizard server/cook/ disherwasher
  • Alex Russo, server/cook
  • Max Russo, server/dish washer/ owner
  • Harper Finkle, server/dish washer/hostess
  • Zeke Beakerman, server/cook/dish washer/host/custodial duties (part time)
  • Millie, dish washer/waitress (Former)
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