Hello, fellow Wiki-editors! I decided to make a blog to voice my concerns/suggestions/etc. about this particular wiki, hopefully someone will read it, mainly, an active admin or something, as most of these here are things that a non-admin can take care of.


  • Do we really need a category for 'Elves', seeing as there is only one elf under it (Tutor Hatchback)?
  • Do we have an updated template for species, with the lime-green headers that all the new templates have? I only see the default grey/black/white ones for species pages.


  • Clean up top menu
    • The "Beings" tab under "Characters" is essentially just a random mix of wizards, mortals and creatures, all of which already have their respective tabs in the "Characters" menu.
  • Go through pages marked for deletion, delete those that require deletion, unmark those that just need to be worked on.

I will keep adding to this if I have more input instead of creating future blogs about it. Thanks for reading!

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