Im getting confused i went on each charecters pages and seen this

Justin birthdate :October 31st 1991

Alex birthdate  : June 8th 1994

Max birthdate  : May 9th 1995

now Max's birthdate i am fine with but alex and Justins i am wondering about

Its says Justin graduated 2010 and alex 2011 wich means there 1 not 3 years appart.

Unless due too Alex being born June 8th (before september) she was aloud in the higher class. but that would mean either

Justin was born October 31st 1992 or

Alex was born June 8th 1993

but it can't be both . and also even so if alex is in harpers class and zeke is in Justin's class wouldn't zeke be to old for her. im confused someone tell me what it is

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