So we all know WOWP will end on Jaunary 6th right? January 6th is the airing date for the finale. ):

Most of all. WOWP was being planned to have either a sequeal or season 5 but..

It was confirmed many months ago that the cast of WOWP rejected the request of season 5 and the sequel. Even the reviews rejected it too! ): Anyway , Disney won't be the same without Wizards , Hannah Montana , or any of our good old shows we love. ♥ Most of all , the cast apreciated out support because if they didn't have it then WOWP wouldn't reach this far. Also , with the finale promo already aired , many WOWP fourms like are closing. They're closing because it's the end. It is but it isn't the end in our hearts. WOWP will always be in my heart. I've been supporting this show ever since season 3 started. I'll stop working on this wiki two weeks after the finale is aired. It is unknown if this wiki will be shutted down just like those other WOWP websites but remember WOWP as a show. Not a show with teens , magic , trouble , laughs and etc. A show with love , family , friendship , and lessons. WOWP taught us many lessons but most of all it taught us how we should love the people that surrounds us.

Reasons why the cast rejected:

Selena Gomez:

Selena has tour and some movies to film. Also she says that she thinks she's old enough to let go of WOWP. ):

David Henrie:

David was planning to have his own show but sadly it didn't worked out. Now David is shooting a movie. (Forgot what was the name.)

Maria Canals Barrea:


David DeLuise:


Jake T. Austin:

Jake is unknown but a rumor did spread that he was planning to quit acting and move back to Pureto Rico. (The rumor is FALSE. It is still unknown why he rejected it.)

Bridgit Mendler:

Has her own show called Good Luck Charlie.

Gregg Sulkin:

I think Gregg accepted it. I have no idea.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ This might be my last blog too by the way. Most of all , good luck in life and enjoy WOWP as much as you can. ♥

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