Who has seen the last Wizards of Waverly Place show? Well, if you have you will know that Alex Russo ,Selena Gomez, had won. But it did not start like that. Everyone saw Justin Russo ,David Henrie, get out of the Tunnel of Mist 1st. But here is the story behind it. Right before he got to be the Russo family wizard, he had to admit that Alex was just in front of him in the Tunnel of Mist. Then he was stuck in the roots. When Alex was just about to go over the finish line, she looked back and saw that Justin was stuck in the roots. Alex thought and thought about going over the finish line or coming back to save Justin. Then Alex went back to save Justin. "I don't want to win like this" Alex said. At that moment Max Russo ,Jake T. Austin, pass the laseres Alex got Justin unstuck. Right at that time they all ran to the finish line. Justin went over it 1st Alex 2nd and Max came out 3rd. Then at the very end Justin got to be headmaster of WizTech to replace Professor Crumbs. Well you know the story. Don't tell anyone (but Haper,Zeke, and any other wizard of course) because if you do you will be expose wizardrie.

Come back for more soon, JAMNZ2003

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