“Uncle Ernesto”
Season 3, Episode 25
Air date

August 27, 2010


Todd J. Greenwald


Bob Koherr

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"Uncle Ernesto" is the twenty-fifth episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the seventy-seventh of the overall series. It first aired on August 27, 2010.


Alex, Justin, and Max promise a magic-free evening so Theresa can invite her brother Ernesto (who does not know about the Russo’s magical powers) for her birthday dinner. The promise is broken as soon as Alex discovers a shelf full of magical birthday presents given to her from Uncle Kelbo. A magical chicken, who lays eggs about the future, escapes as Max lets it free from its cage. Chaos follows as they try to hide magic away from Uncle Ernesto. Alex also acquires a "Party-in-a-Box" that is soon opened by an elf that sprung from Justin's magical Swiss Army survival backpack. As the party escalates, Ernesto slips out.

Justin uses a police siren chirp spell to cause the "guests" to disappear. Alex proves that she loves her mom more than magic by throwing away the egg the FuChicken had laid, which would have foretold who would win the wizard competition. Ernesto returns with his and Theresa's other siblings, but wonders what happened to the party. Alex explains that the police came and whisked everyone away, which Ernesto claims is a sign that it was a great party. In the end, the entire extended family gets together to sing Theresa a happy birthday in Spanish.

The episode ends with Ernesto walking into the lair, which he believes is Max's fort. He then shows Max a miniature version of the fort he built, and Max decides to make it life-size using magic. As Alex and Justin restrain Max from using his wand, Ernesto casually states that his fort is so great it makes people wish they had the magic to do such a thing.


Main Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring

  • Michael D. Cohen as Swiss Army Elf


  • Uncle Ernesto was mentioned in the episode "Justin's Little Sister" back in season 1 when Theresa mentioned that Justin looked a bit like him.
  • Justin questions how the FuChicken was capable of laying a plate. It was never revealed how.


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