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Theresa Russo
Full name

Theresa Russo


c. 1970s


New York City, NY


Waverly Sub Station (owner)


Unknown father
Magdalena (mother)
Ernesto (brother)
Jerry Russo (spouse)
Justin Russo (oldest son)
Alex Russo (daughter)
Max Russo (youngest son)


Jerry Russo (husband)

Last ep

"The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex"

Portrayed by

Maria Canals-Barrera

"Knock it off!"
―Theresa Russo[src]

Theresa Russo is the mother of AlexJustin, and Max Russo. She runs the Waverly Sub Station with her husband, Jerry Russo. As a mortal, she possesses no powers but encourages her children's discovery of things such as school and their Latino heritage (Alex and her brothers are half Mexican from Theresa's side of the family). She does not like magic, and she can not stand when she finds "magic running amuck in the house."

Theresa can be fussy, caring, and can be pretty embarrassing. Theresa lives in Waverly Place in Manhattan with her husband, Jerry Russo, and their three children: Justin, Alex, and Max. Unlike her children, she is a mortal and Jerry gave up his powers so he could be with her. However, all three of her children still inherited his magic abilities.


  • Her mother said in a speech at Alex's quinceañera that Theresa was born at 6:02 pm, on a rainy day. She could hear the leaky roof.
    • Her father would give that "leaky roof" speech for any special occasion, so Theresa already knew it.
  • She is two months younger than her husband.
  • She was wildly popular in high school, which she mentions several times. Though she skips over the fact that she was the first girl admitted into a formerly all-boy high school.
  • She thinks that because she's not a wizard she can't get in trouble for wizard laws.
  • In all the Main Characters, she is the lowest in appearance in all episodes unlike Alex because Alex appeared in all episodes.
  • She revealed that she wants the Sub Station to be destroyed permanently as seen in the episode Wizards Unleashed.
  • She's only taught a brief wizard lesson until the kids start fighting and lets Justin teach it.
  • She is said to be a fast swimmer in Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana, always winning first place, mostly because she was afraid of swimming and couldn't wait to get out of the water.
  • She doesn't like when her children use magic around the house.
  • She wanted to have quinceañera when she was Alex's age, but her family couldn't afford to give her a party.
  • She thinks she is very young for her age.
  • She is the one Alex usually comes to when she has a problem that is non-magical.