“The Supernatural”
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date

May 18, 2008


Mark Cendrowski


Matt Goldman

Episode Chronology


Wizard School, Part 2


Alex in the Middle

"The Supernatural" is the fifteenth episode of season one of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the fifteenth of the overall series. It first aired on May 18, 2008.


Justin uses magic to land a spot on the school's baseball team so he can impress a girl, Kari Langsdorf. Justin doesn't know how to play baseball, so he continues to use magic to win. Meanwhile, Alex tries to impress Riley by convincing him that she is the team's hypothetical good luck charm. Jerry later finds out that Justin has been using magic in order to make the team, and decides that Justin's punishment will be playing without magic, in which case he loses. Alex uses this as an opportunity to prove to Riley that she really is the team's good luck charm, by not showing up when they lose. Later, Alex then attends the game and uses magic on the ball to help Riley's team win. 

When Jerry realizes that something is going on, he tells Justin to counter-act the magic. Jerry then tells Alex that he's on to her, and has Justin perform a memory-esrasing spell to make the crowd forget what just happened over the last few minutes. Later, Riley asks Alex to the Fall Dance, but then Jerry (somehow remembering that she used magic without permission) punishes her so she can't go to the Fall Dance because she's banned. In the end, Justin finally asks Kari out, but she says that she only dates baseball players, who watch movies about cats.     


  • This episode appeared on Disney Channel before it premiered on Disney XD.
  • The title is a parody of the movie "The Natural".


  • Cerebellum Erasus-The ability to erase recent memories from wizards and mortals in a certain distance.
  • Tomunan Kinesis-Applies telekinesis to an object.




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