The Chronicles of Moises: Voice of Reason! was three episodes long story arc which centered around in the attempts of Max's Conscience (brought to life by the wizard) to bring him to the path of hard work and that Max's misbehavior results in Justin and Juliet breaking up their relationship.

It was made after the success of the Wizards vs Vampires saga.

332px-The Mummy

Mummy using magic in plastic


The saga events are unfolded after Justin completes his five thousandth spell which enables him to take a magical profession, with Monster Hunting being his choice. Realizing the potential that Justin can win the Wizard Competition, Alex decides to study harder with the help of Harper. Meanwhile Max uses a spell to separate his own conscience from himself. Later he cast a spell to unleash a army of monster all over New York City to sabotage Justin training. Using her new found knowledge, Alex sends most of the monsters to Spain.

Unfortunately one of the monsters, a very powerful Egyptian mummy, was not present which made the Hunting Council to appoint Justin to hunt down the creature. Accidentally he and Juliet get trapped in a exhibit with a plastic window, a material which is immune to magic. Juliet is forced to be mind controlled by the Mummy so she could be saved from sunlight.

Eventually Alex found a spell to restore Conscience back into Max and she later runs to help Justin but she arrived too late.

List of Episodes


Special Guest Star


  • Dennis Hadley as Fakeahorseus
  • Pat Finn as Luxor
  • Andy Kindler as Chancellor Tootietootie
  • Wendy McLendon-Covey as Dr. Ice
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