The Telekinesis Spell-Known as Tomunan Kinesis was used to apply telekinesis to an object.

It's uses range from moving  an object around the ground to slowing down, changing direction or speeding up an object such as a ball in mid-air.

Other uses include speeding up a baseball so fast that it would leave a burned hole in a baseball mit after coming in contact with the ball.

The Supernatural

The Telekinesis Spell was seen only in the episode The Supernatural. First used by Justin before the start of the episode where unbeknownst to Jerry and Alex and everyone else present at the Angels Baseball Team Tryouts, used this spell to land a spot on the team.

Later during an actual game, Justin secretly applied telekinesis to the ball he was pitching and used the telekinesis to slow down the ball so the batter missed it, this time catching Jerry's attention and forbidding him from anymore use of magic cheating.

Later during another game Alex applies telekinesis to the game to help her crush Riley in the hope that he will take her to the Fall Dance, but again the "special" movements of the ball catches Jerry's attention and already knowing that Justin was not to blame for it tells him to balance out Alex's actions to keep the gane fair, the siblings struggle with keeping control of the ball and it results to hitting a player's baseball mit so hard it left a large scorched hole in the middle of it as it still went through. The end resulted in the Angels winning and Justing removing the Telekinetic Battle from the minds of the entire park.

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