Hi Girl Im 8 years old i love your shows and i love you but i wish i could see you.


Where is it said that it is not Alex Russo's middlename. It is at least mentioned in Quinceañera.

Thank you. Margarita is her middle name. This wiki used to be pure, no it's flooded with useless and untrue information by 8-year-olds. >_>

8 year olds are aloud to like selly and if they didnt they have a problem<3<3<3 !!!

Relationships of alex

her relationships are wrong. thay are missing dean moriarty

Alex can be selfish but love

Who agrees?

This page needs to be cleaned up...

I'm sorry but this article is really disorganized. Family should be right underneath relationships. Her wand shouldn't really be the first topic a person wants to read about. It could be put for her personality...that's A LOT of information-- It needs to be evened out. As a bureaucrat of the Generator Rex wiki, I'm just putting my opinion on it. I'll be very glad to help as well.

Edit: Fixed some stuff, but I realized that a lot of this information was copied straight off the wikipedia page and was pasted twice lol. This could be accused for plagorism. So hopefully, this page can get organized. I'll hope to added a little more information on the powers and abilties. --JuniperAlien 09:55, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

hi my name is thea (im a girl) i am 10 years old and i have a big sister who is 13 years old i watch your shows everyday and its the best program on the telly please text me back if you can and i wish i was an great actor like you but i dont think i will ever be xxxxxxxx p.s i would like tickets to go but i dont live where you do xxx



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