"It can do everything. Reverse any spell. Showing your future. But you only had a chance."
―Justin on the Stone's powers
Stone of Dreams
Stone of dreams

Reverse any spell or grant any wish

Type of Item

Stone (Magical Artifact)

First mention

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

The Stone of Dreams (La Piedra de los Sueños) is the most powerful magical artifact in the whole entire wizard world, capable of reverting any spell or granting any wish. The Russo family siblings, Alex and Justin went on a epic odyssey to get the stone to break Alex's reality warping spell.

Movie Object Plot

Sometime in the past the stone was created by a very powerful wizard, probably of Spanish origin. But the wizard(s) realized that the stone could have caused chaos and mayhem if in the wrong hands, so they/he decided to hide it to be safe. It's also possible that he might have hidden one of the map pieces and placed enchantments over the gargoyle so it could open the passage to people worthy.

In the early 21st century, the wizards Alex and Justin Russo decided to use the stone to reverse a spell accidentally cast by Alex, in which she wished her parents never met, thus causing their reality to warp around them. After overcoming many natural traps, the siblings got into the cave. However they were double-crossed by the evil female wizard Giselle and her cohort Archie. After Giselle betrays Archie, he steals the stone and gives it to Theresa, who uses it to transport herself to Alex's location and hands the stone to Alex, who reverses time and undoes the entire crisis.

Powers and Capabilties

Being the most powerful magical artifact of the universe, the stone possessed some notable powers. The following at listed.

  • Wish Granting: the ability to grant any wish. The stone possess a advanced form of this power. Showed when Archie wished Giselle was a bird again. However, according to Artie, the stone can only grant one wish to each wizard.
  • Empathy: the ability to sense ones feelings. When Theresa hold the stone, she was teleported to the Wizard Tournament Battlefield because she wanted to be there.
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