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* [[Third Wheel]]
* [[Third Wheel]]
* [[The Good, The Bad and the Alex|The Good, the Bad and the Alex]] (final appearance)
* [[The Good, The Bad and the Alex|The Good, the Bad and the Alex]] (final appearance)
* [[Revenge of an old friend|Revenge of an Old Friend]] (reappearance)

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Stephanie "Stevie" Nichols
Selena Gomez & Hayley Kiyoko Eat To the Beat
Name Stephanie "Stevie" Nichols
Gender Female
Age 23
Portrayed By Hayley Kiyoko

Stephanie "Stevie" Nichols first appeared in the episode Detention Election, and became good friends with Alex. Their friendship lasted through the episodes: Eat to the Beat and Third Wheel. Her last appearance was in The Good, the Bad and the Alex.


While she was in detention, Stevie met Alex. They soon became friends and had a lot in common, both girls liked to cause trouble. When Alex and Justin were fighting, Stevie used a spell to turn a rock band into a smooth jazz band. Harper, who saw it, attempted to tell Alex but it became too late when Stevie used a spell to erase Harper's memory of the spell. But Alex soon found out that Stevie was a wizard when Harper got her memory back again. Soon after, Alex and Stevie went onto magical adventures leaving Harper behind.

In her final appearance, Stevie conducts a revolution of wizards to override the power distributor, which is what takes wizards powers away and tranfers them when they lose the wizard competion, and gets Alex and Max to "join" her. But was unaware that Alex would turn on Stevie with Harper. Alex and Harper helped make Stevie's brother get his full powers by transferring Stevie's powers to him, while Stevie is frozen. Not much after, Max accidentally tipped over Stevie's statue shattering her to pieces. It can be likely that Stevie will be re created as many characters re-appear such as Juliet and Mummy and since she had a major role in the four episodes she was in, it is likely.


Stevie's wand is skinny like Alex's. It's silver, with a dragon head handle. Like Alex's, there is an orb at the top, but silver instead of green.


  • Justin pointed that Alex and Stevie were very alike.
  • Stevie is one of the two characters who dies on screen, the other being the Mummy; the latter also being destroyed by Max.
  • Stevie puts her wand in her boot just like Alex


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