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Spells is a series of words and gestures that when said in a certain order causes a magical change in the fabric of reality to varying extents. It is a ritual used to obtain temporary supernatural skills . In order to the spell to work it must be recited by a magical being , as a spell recited by a ordinary human will not work.


Spellcasting is the power of doing spells. Many spellcasters, such as Wizards and Fairies , use this ability to alter reality to their laizure.

Spells had to be used in a correct and specific way. In the magical realm words are taken to the letter and Wizards can find themselves in trouble if the spell backfire. In exemple, when Max made a spell to "make me a sandwich" the magical forces behind the spell took the word "me" at the letter and Max was turned into a sandwich.

Spells can also be blocked by powerful protections such as the enchanted cave in which the Stone of Dreams is hidden or by materials impervious to magic such as plastic.

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