Wowp spell casting
Character Information
Full Name Spellcasting
Trigger gesture of a hand or wand
Effect summoning of magical and supernatural skills
Category Wizarding
User Wizards, Elves and Fairies

"You have to tap into your inner wizard to summon up all of your powers..."-Justin on Spellcasting

Spells are a series of words and gestures that, when said in a certain order, causes a magical change in the fabric of reality to varying extents. It is a ritual used to obtain temporary supernatural skills. In order for the spell to work, it must be recited by a magical being, as a spell recited by an ordinary human will not work.


  • Spellcasting is the power of doing spells. Many spellcasters, such as Wizards and Fairies, use this ability to alter reality to their leisure.
  • Spells had to be used in a correct and specific way. In the magical realm, words are taken to the letter and Wizards can find themselves in trouble if the spell backfires. For example, when Max made a spell to "make me a sandwich" the magical forces behind the spell took the word "me" at the letter and Max was turned into a sandwich.
  • Saying spells isn't necessary for using magic as mentioned by T.J.Taylor in Disenchanted Evening: Spells are like training wheels. When you're real good, you don't need them.
  • For spellcasting to be effective most wizards need to use channeling tools such as wands. Although wandless magic is possible, wandless spells typically have weaker effects and they are more likely to fail.
  • Spells can also be blocked by powerful protections such as the enchanted cave in which the Stone of Dreams is hidden or by materials impervious to magic such as plastic.

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