Smarty Pants
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Air Date September 12, 2008
Writer Victor Gonzalez
Director Todd J. Greenwald
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Alex joins best friend Harper for the Tribeca Quiz Bowl, an academic decathlon. To help give her an edge in the competition Alex wears magical "smarty pants," which give her superior knowledge on anything and everything there is to know. Meanwhile, Max and his friend Alfred think they can sell bottled water from the school's water fountain that everybody says tastes the best.


After a little set up accident, Alex joins the Quiz Bowl, an academic game, with best friend Harper after she gave Nellie a hair-raising buzzing shock accident. To give the team an edge in the Quiz Bowl Competition, she wears the "Smarty Pants", which gives a superior knowledge on everything there is to know. However, her knowledge might ruin her friendship with Harper. Meanwhile, Max and his friend, Alfred, attempt to sell bottled water from Tribeca Prep's water fountain since everyone liked how the water tasted.


  • This is the first time Theresa attempts to teach a wizard lesson.
  • The new character Dean appears in this episode.
  • On the chalk board in the lair it says "Wizard Wear lesson 201" which is the episode code for Smarty Pants.



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