Season 4
Season 4
Network Disney Channel
Run November 12, 2010 - Present
Episodes # Unknown
Series: 1234
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Season 4 of Wizards of Waverly Place premiered on Disney Channel on November 12, 2010. This is the second season of the series to be broadcast in high definition. Season 4 will also be the show's final season.

Opening sequence

Season 4 of the series features a revamped opening sequence with clips from Season 3 and 4. The opening sequence takes place in the lair. Footage of Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) and Justin Russo (David Henrie) are shown in the Crystal replay ball from the season starter Alex Tells the World. Then, a spell book opens and footage of Max (Jake T. Austin) and Harper Finkle (Jennifer Stone) appear.

After that, footage of Theresa (María Canals Barrera) and Jerry (David DeLuise) are shown in a cauldron. After the footage is played, Alex transports them to Times Square, with Alex waving her wand to reveal the title logo and the name of the creator. The theme song Everything Is Not What It Seems has also been remixed and sung by Selena Gomez & the Scene.


Alex quits the wizard competition because she and Justin were sent back to level one after "exposing" wizardry in "Alex Tells the World" leaving Max the most expected to become the family wizard. From the episode, "Alex Gives Up," Alex and Mason have broken up and remain close friends. And Justin tries to tutor a class of delinquent wizards. However, the plot takes a quick turn in the episode "Journey to the Center of Mason", where Alex promises Mason she will re-enter the Wizard Competition to save their relationship, knowing that they constantly think about each other. From the episode, "Three Maxes and a Little Lady", Max turns into a girl due to a spell defect and becomes Maxine, portrayed by Bailee Madison.

In the "Wizards vs. Angels" three-part story, Justin falls in love with Rosie who appears to be an angel but it is later found out that she is an angel of darkness.


The following table below is for episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place that have already aired for the first time. Please do not add episodes to the table until they are confirm that they are real episode.

Series # Season # Episode title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date Prod.
80 1 "Alex Tells the World" Victor Gonzalez Gigi McCreery
& Perry Rein
November 12, 2010 401
81 2 "Alex Gives Up" Victor Gonzalez Todd J. Greenwald November 27, 2010 402
82 3 "Lucky Charmed" Victor Gonzalez Justin Varava December 10, 2010 403
83 4 "Journey to the Center of Mason" Robbie Countryman Peter Dirksen December 17, 2010 404
84 5 "Three Maxes and a Little Lady" Victor Gonzalez Richard Goodman January 7, 2011 405
85 6 "Daddy's Little Girl" Robbie Countryman Gigi McCreery
& Perry Rein
January 21, 2011 406
86 7 "Everything's Rosie for Justin" Victor Gonzalez Justin Varava February 4, 2011 407
87 8 "Dancing with Angels" Victor Gonzalez Richard Goodman February 11, 2011 408
88 9 "Wizards vs. Angels"
(1 hour special)
Victor Gonzalez Richard Goodman February 18, 2011 409-410
89 10 "Back To Max" Guy Distad Todd J. Greenwald March 11, 2011 411
90 11 "Zeke Finds Out" David DeLuise Peter Dirksen April 8, 2011 412
6 12 "Magic Unmasked" David DeLuise Justin Varava May 13, 2011 413
92 13

"Meet the Werewolves"
"Alex Meets The Parents (Alternative)"

Victor Gonzalez David Henrie June 17, 2011 415
93 14 "Beast Tamer" Victor Gonzalez Gigi McCreery
& Perry Rein
June 24, 2011 416
94 15 "Wizard of the Year" Victor Gonzalez Richard Goodman July 8, 2011 417
95 16 "Misfortune at the Beach" Jody Margolin Hahn Vince Cheung
& Ben Montanio
July 24, 2011 420
96 17 "Wizards vs. Asteroid" Victor Gonzalez Peter Dirksen August 19, 2011 418
97 18 "Justin's Back In" Guy Distad Todd J. Greenwald August 26, 2011 419
98 19 "Alex the Puppetmaster" September 16, 2011 421
99 20 "My Two Harpers" September 30, 2011 422
100 21 "Rock Around the Clock" 414
101 22 "Wizards of Apartment 13B" 423
102 23 "Ghost Roommate" 424
103 24 "Get Along, Little Zombie" 425
104 26 "Harperella" 427
106 27 "Wizards vs. Everything" 428
107 28 TBA
(1 hour special)
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