“Rock Around the Clock”
Season 4, Episode 25
Air date

November 4, 2011


Robert Boesel


Guy Distad

Episode Chronology


Wizards vs. Everything



"Rock Around the Clock" is an upcoming episode. It is the 25th episode of season four of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the 104th of the overall series. It will premier on November 4, 2011.


The Russo’s home and business are in jeopardy after a landlord who bought the building from Jerry’s dad in the 50′s threatens eviction, so the Russo’s go back in time to save their home and the Sub Station.


The Russo family is in jeopardy of losing the Sub Station and the lair when the owner of the building, Leroy Hune, decides he wants to sell it. Jerry decides that they can find a new home, but they won't be able to find a new Wizard Lair.

The kids use their powers to go back in time to convince Grandpa Russo not to sell the building. However, when they return to the present time, the Sub Station and lair are gone, and they forgot Harper. When they go back the place is out of business and Harper is acting like she's a teen from 1957 who goes to the 1957 Tribeca Prep. Max invents the "high five" 20 years early which is now called the "Max".

Harper convinces all her friends to go to the Sub Station. The place becomes back in business but they forget Harper again. When they go back they accidentally go back to 1977 and end the show dancing there.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Greg Baker as Rock Dale Kapaarret
  • Brendan Bradley as Hank Russo
  • Carlo Michael Mancini as Lenny Hune
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