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The Riley-Alex relationship is the romantic pairing of a Mortal named Riley and a wizard namedAlex Russo.


There relationship is first shown in the episode I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain. Alex is shown to have a crush on Riley. It is shown as Riley has a crush on her too.They go on a date which gets ruined due to Justin and Max trying to get back at Alex for busting them for playing paintball. In the episode The Supernatural Riley is in the baseball team and Alex makes him belive that she is his lucky charm which leads to Riley asking Alex to the fall dance. In the episode Alex's Spring Fling it is shown that Alex and Riley are dating. Alex is jealous that Riley keeps looking at other girls so Riley gets angry and breaks up with her. To make him jeal
Riley alex 2
ous She turns a Manny Kin into a person and acts like she is dating him. Riley gets jealous and asks Alex to get back with him.


  • After the episode "Alex's Spring Fling' Riley is not seen again. We don't know what happened to him.
  • Riley is mentioned in the episode Alex Russo, Matchmaker? by Theresa when she is taking about Alex's ex-boyfriends.
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