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Alex Russo (ex-girlfriend)

First ep

"I Almost Drowned in a
Chocolate Fountain

Last ep

"Alex's Spring Fling"

Portrayed by

Brian Kubach

Riley is Alex's first romantic interest in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Riley first appeared in the third episode of season one, "I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain" when he, Alex, Harper and some friends from school all went to the restaurant, Medium Rare. After Alex started to go crazy with the chocolate she was eating wich she gave chocolate to a pocket elf which helped her cheat on a Spanish test, Riley lost interest in her.

Riley's next appearance was in "The Supernatural" when his interest in her returned after seeing that she was his baseball team's good luck charm to win every game in the season.

Riley's final appearance was in "Alex's Spring Fling" when the two finally became a couple. After seeing that Alex gets jealous easily, Riley broke up with her. Alex then used the "Murrieta Animata" spell to bestow life upon a mannequin, which she named Manny Kin. She dated Manny Kin to make Riley jealous. Riley then realized the error of his ways and got back together with Alex.In season 2 he is replaced by Dean Moriarty, a mortal bad boy who Alex uses complicated methods to attract him.


  • Riley-Alex - Riley seems to love Alex as much as she loves him and he appears to be at Alex's level in most school subjects, such as Spanish.