Professor Crumbs

Name Professor Crumbs
Gender Male
Occupation Professor at WizTech
Introduced In Wizard School Part One
Portrayed By Ian Abercrombie

Professor Crumbs is the headmaster of the Wizard school, WizTech. He is a wise and powerful wizard, and one who Justin admires. He has appeared in the following episodes: Wizard School Part One,Wizard School Part 2, Saving WizTech Part 1 and Saving WizTech Part 2.

In Saving WizTech - Part 1, Professor Crumbs and other wizards were housed at the Russo's home while WizTech was infested with many plastic balls, for plastic weakens magic. Max began to help Professor Crumbs rehabilitate to the mortal world and even teaching him how to pull "old-school pranks" on others, making Justin say that he is immature.

In Saving WizTech - Part 2, it is revealed that his beard is fake when Ronald Longcape Junior turns evil and asks for his beard. Max states that he is not used to looking at him without his beard. In the same episode, it can be inferred that he is very picky in keeping his clothes clean when he went to change his robes because Max had spit on him. Later, he took revenge by spitting on Max. He can also get greedy at times when he went over to the Longcape's stand and stole some t-shirts along with Dean's card for Alex.

Spells Used

Some are evil,some are kind,but now all must speak their mind

You haven't acted with any responsibility, say goodbye to your magical ability.

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