"Three magical siblings together generate immense power..."
―Professor Crumbs on the Power of Three
Power of Three
trigger three magical siblings together
user magical creatures
effect enhances present magical powers

Power of Three is the collective magical abilities of three siblings. When used, the Power of Three enhances greatly the powers of the siblings, enabling them to do almost anything. The Russo siblings, Alex, Justin and Max used this power to vaporize the leader of the Angels of Darkness, Gorog, when he threatened to invade the Wizard World.


The power was used by Alex, Max, and Justin to catch the "Alphabet Burglar" with the soap on a rope spell in "Maxi-Man". Later on in the series, humiliated and weakened by his defeat at the hands of the Wizard in training, Alex Russo, Gorog sought to seek dominion over the Wizard World. For that matter, Gorog created a Hidden 13th floor where many magical creatures would live until he managed to turn them to the dark side.

He also sent a robot to the Russo lair to steal the page with the In through the Out Door spell which he would use to trap the Russo siblings trapped within the floor. He also sent Max to a wizard camp and stole Felix's wand, later blackmailing into joining him.

With Felix at his side, Gorog took the magical inhabitants with him to the basement where he forced them to create a portal that would be used to invade the Wizard World. However, Max was called back from the camp and rescued Alex and Justin from the floor. Together, the siblings used the Power of Three to vaporize him.


  • The Power of Three is a reference to Charmed, a fantasy live action show focused on three sisters that are good witches, using their powers to fight evil.
  • The name of this page is conjecture as the power itself has not been named, and was used only twice in the series.
  • The power the Russos used with the Power of Three, Molecular Combustion, is also a power from Charmed. Specifically, it's one of the powers of main character Piper Halliwell.
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