"...say goodbye to your magical ability..."
Professor Crumbs seconds before removing Alex's powers [1]
Power Control
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trigger wave of hand, touch an enchanted object or use of spells
user Wizards, Felix, Justin, Professor Crumbs, Gorog
effect remove, neutralize, block or restore powers

Power Control is the ability of remove, neutralize, augment or restore magical abilities to a supernatural being . It is a very useful power to have control over, as it can be used to twart enemies active powers (such as telekinesis) or spells.


Living Beings


Wizards can use this power by channeling with the aid of a spell, however it seems that not all Wizards can remove or neutralize powers. Professor Crumbs could remove Alex's powers with the aid of a wandless spell, which is usually very weak magic. [2] He also displayed the ability to grant Justin full Wizard powers even when he lost the Family Wizard Competition.

Angels of Darkness

Their leader Gorog demonstrate this power, he was able to strip Mason of his werewolf powers with ease. He was also able to offer him enhanced powers in exchange for his servitude, and was able to restore Juliet's vampire powers as well.

Objects and Places

Rinaldi's legendary wand

Spells cast with the help of Rinaldi's wand, which is the most powerful wand in the Wizard World, are so powerful that can't be undone by other Wizards' magic, literally blocking powers and neutralizing spells. However, they can circumvented by the use of cunning and intelligence. [3]

Enchanted Cave

The Cave in which the Stone of Dreams was hidden was under a powerful enchantment that neutralized wizards' powers, and possibly other powers. Actually when Alex and Justin pick up the Stone it begun to glow as if it was granting a wish but it might not have been done because the enchantment was so powerful that it blocked all kind of supernatural abilities, including those of the stone itself. [4]



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