This is about the parallel universe created by Alex Russo wish. For mainstream world, visit Earth .

No-Parents Parallel Universe
Location Parallel Earth
Inhabitant Russo Family, duplicated Magical creatures and Humans
First Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

"I wish you and dad had never even met!" - Alex, The Movie

The No-Parents Parallel Universe was a alternate magical reality accidentally created by the wizard Alex Russo when she wished for her parents haven't never meet each others, after a heated argument between her and her mother that ended up with Alex getting grounded for the rest of the trip. The results was the creation of this reality that, to stabilize itself, had to erase all proof of the existence of mainstream timeline, which in this case were the Russo siblings.


The history of this universe was the same of that of mainstream Earth except for the fact that Jerry Russo never met Theresa Larkin, meaning that the Russo siblings never existed. Because of this, Jerry never gave up his wizarding powers.

Somewhere in August of 2009, the wizards siblings, Alex, Justin and Max, were accidentally sent into this alternate reality where they slowly began to lose their memories and eventually fade from existence. After failed attempts to return their parents back, the siblings decided to search for the legendary Stone of Dreams, whose fabled powers allowed to revert any spell. However, the witch Giselle, who was cursed to become a bird, stole it; Theresa manages to get it back after Archie turns Giselle back into a bird.

The siblings Alex and Justin (minus Max, who was absorbed into the vortex of non-existence) fought a premature Wizard Competition which Alex wins. She then used the stone that Theresa helped retrieve, moments after Justin too was absorbed into the vortex of non-existence, to make sure that the parallel universe never existed and thus changing things back to the way they were.

Parallels with mainstream Earth

In this universe, some events have not happened, including:

  • Kelbo Russo became a mortal and most likely did not live a care-free life;
  • It's unknown if Megan is also angry with Jerry;
  • Because Alex never existed, TJ's curse of his girlfriend becoming a middle aged woman was never undone;
  • Also, assuming Harper 's personality didn't changed, Gigi's plan to humiliate her in the tea party at a hotel with an unspeakable name was successful;
  • Hugh lived forever with his delusion that he's a giant, not knowing he is a wizard. (Although, it seems he still suffers from his delusion despite the fact that he knows his birth parents are not giants);
  • Also it's unknown how many casualties have been caused by the attack of a dragon at a wizard school because Alex didn't exist to save the day.
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