Night at the Lazerama
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Air Date 11/6/2009
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Justin is summoned to track down a scary mummy as part of his monster hunting duties. He takes Juliet into the museum to help him track it down but while doing so he gets trapped inside a museum Egyptian exhibit. Meanwhile in the Waverly Sub Station, Alex and Harper convince Max's conscience to take a break from Max, little did Alex know that if the conscience and Max are apart for too long, his conscience will become his own person. Back at the museum, Justin and Juliet find the mummy as it enslaves a security guard and five kids to get his stuff out of the museum. Back at the Lazerama, Harper and conscience come by when conscience's bag starts moving on its own.

It was found out to be conscience new growing conscience. Alex finds them and tells conscience to go back to Max because Max was going bonkers. When conscience refuses to go back to Max, Alex and his new conscience carry him to Max. When Max and conscience get reconnected, Max helps clean up the mess he's made in the house. Back at the museum, Justin figures out a way to save Juliet from turning to ash due to the fact that she's a vampire. Justin tells Juliet that she needs to look into the mummy's eyes because if she does then she'll become the mummy's slave and the mummy will take her with him. They finish the conversation with one last kiss. Doubtfully, Juliet looks staight into the mummy's eyes and becomes enslaved while fanning the mummy with her bat wings on her way out. Justin's last words to Juliet were,"I'll come get you if it's the last thing I do." A few minutes later, Alex comes to get Justin and tries to cheer him up by telling him if he loves something, set it free, which puts an end to the three part saga "The Chronicles of Moises, Voice of Reason."


  • Please please, tell me now, is there something i should know, Deranium, Deranium
  • Scrubby dubby, into the tubby
  • Argile bobby, tube knee high, into socks, turn this guy



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This episode is the third and final part of The Chronicles of Moises: Voice of Reason! which starred Moises Arias as Max's conscience.

Night at the Lazerama is a parody of Night at the Museum.

Unless Justin keeps his promise(Which hopefully he does with some help),this the last apperance of Juliet Van Heuson


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