“Night at the Lazerama”
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date

November 6, 2009


Peter Murrieta


Victor Gonzalez

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Three Monsters


Doll House

"Night at the Lazerama" is the fifth episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the fifty-sixth of the overall series. It first aired on November 6, 2009.


Max is studying with Conscience when Harper comes in and asks if Alex is awake yet. All three laugh, then Alex comes down the stairs whining about it being too early in the morning for noise (such as laughter). Alex then mocks Max and Conscience, then confides in Harper that she is worried Conscience is ruining her chances at being the family wizard. Harper then points out that she has little chance anyway, as she is lazy. Alex then protests that she is not lazy, she is merely resting up for her thirties. She promises that she has a lot of plans, then unashamedly belches and walks away. Justin is summoned to track down a scary mummy as part of his monster hunting duties. He takes Juliet into the museum to help him track it down but while doing so they get trapped inside a museum Egyptian exhibit. Protected by a plastic window, his human magic can't free them. Justin says they may have to wait until morning to be let out, but Juliet notices that there is a skylight right in front of their display; as sunlight is deadly to vampires, she will have nowhere to hide when the morning sun floods the display.

Meanwhile in the Waverly Sub Station, Alex and Harper convince Max's conscience to take a break from Max, little did Alex know that if the conscience and Max are apart for too long, his conscience will become his own person. Back at the museum, Justin and Juliet find the mummy as it enslaves a security guard and five kids to get his stuff out of the museum. Back at the Lazerama, Harper and Conscience come by when Conscience's bag starts moving on its own.

It was found out to be Conscience's new growing conscience. Alex finds them and tells Conscience to go back to Max because Max was going bonkers. When Conscience refuses to go back to Max, Alex and his new conscience carry him to Max. When Max and Conscience get reconnected, Max helps clean up the mess he's made in the house. Back at the museum, Justin figures out a way to save Juliet from turning to ash. Justin tells Juliet that she needs to look into the mummy's eyes because if she does then she'll become the mummy's slave and the mummy will take her with him. They finish the conversation with one last kiss. Doubtfully, Juliet looks staight into the mummy's eyes and becomes enslaved while fanning the mummy with her bat wings on her way out. Justin's last words to Juliet were,"I'll come get you if it's the last thing I do." A few minutes later, Alex comes to get Justin and tries to cheer him up by telling him if he loves something, set it free, which puts an end to the three part saga "The Chronicles of Moises, Voice of Reason."



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Alex: That Conscience can ruin my chances of being the family wizard.
Harper: You know what else could ruin your chance? A little disease you have called laziness.
Alex: I'm not lazy.I'm just resting up for my 30's. Yep. Got a lot planned. *belches*

Alex, walking away after her burp.

Juliet: Justin I know its right, I'm just scared that I'll never see you again.

Justin: You will, this won't be forever...I promise. I've tracked down this joker once, and I'll do it're my vampire.

Juliet: And you're my wizard.

Justin: Ok, now we just gotta...get through the sound proof barrier, some how. If we just wave to the kids. *waves at the kids, mummy notices* I love you Juliet.

Juliet: I love you Justin *kisses Justin*.


Justin cannot get out of the museum because there is plastic, but he can cast a spell on the other sides, flash himself out, or harden the styrofoam to throw at the plastic.

Juliet could have escaped without looking into the mummy's eyes; He magically pulled her from the other side of the plastic and she was still herself.  She could have run away.

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