New York City
Location East Coast of the United States
Inhabitant Non-magical humans and various magical creatures
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New York City is a major city located in the East Coast of the United States and that serves as the world's economic, cultural and political center. The city has a very strong and numerous magical community, including Werewolves, Centaurs, Wizards and, Angels.

Proeminent Events

Weather Descontrol

When Justin wanted to help his idol weatherman, Baxter, he casted various climate-based spells which eventually unleashed the wrath of Mother Nature who cursed him to just rain over him. Mother Nature would later lift the curse.

Arrival of Aliens

When Alex Russo used Merlin's Hat to wish for the Substation to became a old milkshake store known as Meteor Belt a group of aliens arrived at Waverly Place Street to take the Milkshake Machine. The aliens left when Justin destroyed the Hat, reversing the magic.

Battle for the Moral Compass

The former Angel of Darkness Rosie tricked and corrupted Justin so he could steal the Moral Compass, which was then used to turn all of humanity evil. The sorceress Alex, with the help of Guardian Angel in training Tina, restored the Compass back and return Justin back to "light."

Tentative of Coupe D'Etat at Wizarding World

The leader of the Angels of Darkness, Gorog, corrupted the Keep of the Most Powerful Wand of the Wizard World, Felix, so he could his powers to create a portal to the Wizard World which he pretended to conquer with an army of evil magical creatures. His plans were thwarted by the Russo siblings.

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