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“My Tutor, Tutor”
Season 2, Episode 22
Air date

May 29, 2009


Vince Cheung
Ben Montanio


David DeLuise

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"My Tutor, Tutor" is the twenty-second episode of season two of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the forty-third of the overall series. It first aired on May 29, 2009.


Max gets a tutor named Tutor and Alex and Justin bond with Tutor. After they discover that Tutor might leave if Max does well in Wiz Class, Alex and Justin plan to sabotage Max's progress to keep Tutor from leaving. Once Max finds out what Alex and Justin were doing, he follows his mother's advice and gets back at them by unleashing an angry leprechaun at the Leprechaun Grill, who attacks them. In the end, they end up learning that Tutor is part elf; Justin explains that elves have a magical quality that causes everyone to like them. Upon realizing this, Alex no longer has a desire to be Tutor's friend and Justin loses his attraction towards her, and the two siblings decide to go out for pizza and leave Tutor in the lair.


  • Archery and plumbing is the only way to keep that thief from getting away - Creates a plunger that is shot off a crossbow on the wand.
  • In thin air, send this ______{object of your choice} - Makes an object disappear.
  • Stardust - Turns water into stardust.
  • When in doubt, inside-out - Takes an object out of another object.


  • In this episode, Alex says that in the Wizard World, parents often name their children what jobs they want them to have. However, this is the only instance in the series where this happens. this may exclude wizards, werewolves, and vampires.



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