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myoo-ree-ETTA an-uh-matta


Bring any inanimate object to life.


Garibay Immobilitay

First mention

Pop Me and We Both Go Down

Murrieta-animata is a spell that can bring any inanimate object to life. If you leave an animated object animated too long, then it develops emotions, and it can't be changed back. However, it can be brought back to its original state with water. 


It is first used in "Pop Me and We Both Go Down" by Max during a magic lesson. Max first attempts to bring a cup to life during a magic lesson. However, the spell doesn't work because Max fails to picture the cup with arms and legs, and was instead thinking about the cheese Jerry drew on the board.

Alex is the second to try the spell during the magic lesson. She animates the figurine of a marathon runner that's on top of a trophy instead of the cup because it seemed easier to her. The spell works perfectly, but the trophy figurine unexpectedly runs off. The second time Alex uses the spell it's by accident. In an attempt to use a spell on Justin that will give him clear skin, she accidentally uses Murrieta-animata instead, and animates his zit.

In "Alex's Spring Fling", Alex uses it to animate a mannequin, whom she names Manny Kin, to become her ​​boyfriend and make her ex-boyfriend Riley jealous. Having been animated for too long, he develops emotions and falls in love with Alex, refusing to leave her alone even when she breaks up with him in order to be with Riley once more. After a chase involving Riley, Manny is dunked into a tank, with the water transforming him back into a mannequin. He is later reassembled and placed back in the store window where Alex found him.

Alex also uses the spell to bring Cab 804 to life in "Taxi Dance", forgetting from her experiences with Manny Kin that animated objects can develop an attraction to those who brought them to life. Like Manny, Cab 804 falls in love with Alex, but at the end of the episode, decides to leave her alone when she makes it clear that she is not interested. He tells her that all he wanted to do was look out for her and remarks that she has a wonderful family who does that for her.


  • Murrieta-animata is named after Peter Murrieta, an executive producer and writer for the series. Animata comes from the word 'animate' which means to bring to life.

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