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Monotone Woman
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Full name

Montone Woman



  • Earth
  • Worker at many businesses

Monotone Woman (Amanda Tepe) has played numerous characters during the show's first season, as well as one guest appearance in season two. She appears as a random character who speaks with a monotone. Jobs she has held include department store manager, waitress, frozen yogurt store manager, hotel manager, dog show security guard, the information desk lady at Volcano Land and art museum security guard. Being an employee at Volcano Land supports that she is possibly part of the magic world, seen as how Volcano Land is a location in the wizard world. Tepe's only appearance on the show during the second season is in the episode "Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date" as the hot dog vendor. Her name in "New Employee" is Amanda, according to her name tag, but in "Art Museum Piece

Monotone Woman in Art Museum Piece

", her name is Elaine. She also appeared in "Curb Your Dragon" as a dog show security guard.