Molecular Manipulation
Character Information
Full Name Molecular Manipulation
Trigger Wave of magic wand or of the users' hand
Effect Turn people or objects into other people or objects, "freezes" them or make them go faster
Category Physical, Wizarding
User Wizards, Angels, fairies, elves

"Potron, Neutron, back to one..."

Molecular Manipulation is the ability to manipulate matter at a molecular level, either by the users' own matter or of that of his/hers surrounding. [1] This power is a very powerful one, allowing the user to freeze matter, turn objects into other things, such as food, video games, cars, money or create a disguise for himself/herself.

Because this power is capable of doing almost all kinds of things, it's related to other powers such as cloning, Spellcasting, flight and other physics-related powers.

Types of Manipulation

Molecular Immobilization

This branch of Molecular Manipulation allows the user to slow down the molecules of the target to the point they completely stop, therefore "freezing" them. This effect can be channeled through a spell, though it just makes the matter move slower and doesn't actually cover it with a wall of ice. [2]

Molecular Transformation

This is the most used branch of Molecular Manipulation. This branch simply turns things into other things, such as turning a person into a sandwich, animals into humans, humans into other kinds of magical creatures and so forth. This branch also includes turning objects bigger or smaller.

Molecular Multiplication

This branch is obviously related to the cloning power, as it allows the duplication of an object, person or animal, copying all of the molecules and multiplying them, creating thereby an exact copy of them. [3]

Molecular Combustion

The power to speed up molecules to the point they combust. It's a very powerful skill that only the Power of Three can channel. [4]

List of Users


  • Two of the powers granted by molecular manipulation are shared by Piper Halliwell, a witch from the fantasy show Charmed. Piper has the power of Molecular Immobilization. She also eventually gains the ability of molecular combustion.


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