Miranda Hampson (Lucy Hale) is Justin's girlfriend in two episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place.


She is the new kid of Tribeca Prep in "Pop Me and We Both Go Down" and starts dating Justin in that episode. Miranda is a year older than Justin, for when Justin told Jerry about Miranda, and Jerry said she is an "older lady".

She is however seen to be dating Justin in First Kiss, an episode before Pop Me and We Both Go Down which is due to episodes being broadcast out of order. She is hated by Harper, due to Harper's long-standing crush on Justin.

She likes the color black and hates Corporate America and "cool guys.

Justin spills a drink on Miranda when he tries to kiss her

" It is said once that she is the new girl, but it is also said that in seventh grade, she passed a note to someone saying she liked them. But it is possible, that she was not a new girl, but Justin did not know about her, at first, and met her as a new girl. Miranda is the first girl Justin has ever kissed.

In First Kiss, which is Episode 2, she and Justin Russo already dating and she has been going to the school and it was also said that Justin didn't even like her until after they dated, but in Pop Me and We Both Go Down. They go to the junior prom together and shows that Miranda has feelings for Justin, but the zit on his face talks and messes everything up between them, but then Alex goes to Miranda to tell her what happened and then at the end of the episode they walk out of the substation holding hands.



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