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  • Hi, welcome to Wizards of Waverly Place Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Stevie Nichols page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • yes could you plz read the Amy page. amy is a character from a wizards of waverly plave video game: wizards of waverly place spellbound, she dated justin, she wanted to sabotage alexes dress for the wizard fashion show. pplz read her page and could you plz edit it.    AMy is a wizard but i would really like if you could help me with spellinga and grammar.. i alredy have pictures their and her story i just need help with spelling   

      i would also appreciate igf you could read the Vlad article search it and read it. he is also from the  video game. he dated harper for her blood but then alex dfeated him. read thepage for more information and plz edit it please..   

      i cant take more pictures for these pages because the video game could only be played in a ds and sadly my ds stopped working so i caNT PLAY IT BUT PLZ edit the Amy, and Vlad pages please  

      could yoyu also get one of my pictures for amys page and make it her official picture i dont know hw to do that but i really want her to have an offial main picture i just dont know how to do that please.

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