Megan Russo
Full name

Megan Brooke Russo


Paris, France




Jerry Russo (brother)
Kelbo Russo (brother)
Theresa Russo (sister-in-law)
Alex Russo (niece)
Justin Russo (nephew)
Max Russo (nephew)

First ep


Last ep


Portrayed by

Carrie Genzel

Megan Brooke Russo is the paternal aunt of Alex, Justin and Max, sister-in-law of Theresa, and estranged sister of Jerry and Kelbo. Her personality is similar to Alex, as she is characterized as lazy, sarcastic, artistic and selfish, but more so than her niece. She despises her family, because Jerry opted to give his powers to the much less qualified Kelbo. Afterward, she cut all ties with her family and magic, then moved to a loft in Paris, France where she "works" as a painter.

She only appears in "Retest" where Justin, Alex, and Max try to convince her to retake the wizard competition. But Megan's bitterness with Jerry and Kelbo is ongoing and as a result, she refuses to take the retest. However, a lecture from Alex and Theresa may have left her with things to think over about her grudge.

In "Retest" when Justin, Alex, and Max go to meet Megan, they let Max take them there. However, he did not realize that the "Paris" they were referring to was actually Paris, France, and not Paris, Texas.


Megan is like Alex in many ways. They are both lazy, artistic, they hold grudges, and they both are aggresive. She has a little more of all of these traits than Alex does. Megan is also different from Alex. Alex will always stick together with her family, while Megan left and avoided her family after Jerry gave his wizard powers to Kelbo. Megan is also Alex's relative-counterpart since she is the middle born child between very different brothers.


  • It is shown in the episode "Retest" that Megan and her brothers, Jerry and Kelbo, are parallel in personalities to Alex, Justin and Max respectively.
  • As Jerry's children are wizards even though he became a father after giving away his powers, any children that Megan might have in the future would also be wizards.
  • It is briefly mentioned in one of the episodes by Jerry that when they were younger his friends were nice to him because his sister was hot, referring to Megan.
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