Maxine Russo
Maxine Russo
Full name

Maxine or Max Russo


Waverly Place, NY


Student and Little Miss Waverly Place Pageant Winner


Theresa Russo (mother)
Jerry Russo (father)
Alex Russo (sister)
Justin Russo (brother)


Waverly Sub Station

First ep

"Three Maxes and a Little Lady"

Last ep

"Back To Max"

Portrayed by

Bailee Madison

Maxine Russo is Max as a female. This happened when Alex and Justin crossed spells and made Max a little girl. She shows up in six episodes. She still thinks and acts like Max, and even has some characteristics similar to Max such as foot stink, or as she calls it, "fink".

The cover-up story the Russo's came up with to explain Max's apparent disappearance and replacement with a little girl is that Maxine is their cousin from North Dakota, and Max and Maxine are part of the Russo family Cousin-Exchange Program.

Episode Appearances


  • In Daddy's Little Girl, Maxine complains that her new body doesn't burp on command.
  • Jerry and Theresa use Maxine's cute face to get more people to come to the sub shop and to win the Little Miss Waverly Place Pageant.
  • She has only done 2 spells, unless you count flashing in and out.
  • She can beat nearly anyone in karate.
  • Maxine is a very good singer, unlike Max.
  • Maxine acts a bit smarter and more devious than Max because she didn't do some of the more stupid stuff like Max did but she still does act like Max like when she couldn't spell BLT.
  • She still has a crush on Talia.
  • She is just a bit smarter but still has the same brain capacity, even though she is pretty good at karate we never know if Max is.


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