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{{episode|title=Make It Happen|season=2|episode=32|airdate=January 1,2009|writer=[[Justin Varava]]|director=[[Bob Koherr]]|}}
{{episode|title=Make It Happen|season=2|episode=32|airdate=January 1,2009|writer=[[Justin Varava]]|director=Bob Koherr|}}

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Make It Happen
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Air Date January 1,2009
Writer Justin Varava
Director Bob Koherr
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Jerry instructs his kids to each select an alternate career to do if they do not become wizards.He is disappointed when Max chooses to be a magician,and when Alex and Justin choose to be in the musical business.In the end,he appraises them for following their dreams, because he didn't follow his,which was to be a bull rider.


  • This episode is also known as Plan B.
  • Jerry's dad was a rodeo clown.
  • Justin can play the electric guitar.
  • Alex is can play the drums and can sing.



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