This is a list of Magical objects that have appeared throughout the series of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Magical Objects

E-Wand - A wand of power and technology. Has a handle but Max doesn't wear it.

Crystal Ball- 1st used in episode two, (seen later in season 4, Crystal Ball Replay) it is dropped and broken so the kids use the McCreery Timereary spell to fix it.

Pocket Elf- More of a magic creature, but it is seen first in episode three (Later in Dad's Buggin' Out). There are pocket elves on any subject (Shaquille O'Neil, Spanish) they are kept in an egg. If fed any kind of chocolate they will go crazy and they will bite causing you to love chocolate.

Magic Clothing Rack- As seen in episode 5, this divide is stored in a locker and will pop out and rotate small clothes. When you touch one it will grow bigger and appear on your body. It is used by T.J.

Noodle Kugel- A magical food. It has some sort of charm in it that causes the person who consumes it to become attentive to the person who gave them the Kugel. T.J. uses this on his parents and it is also used on Mr. and Mrs. Russo.

Brownies- A magical food that undoes the charm that the Kugel brings.

Magic Flying Carpet- The carpet used in episode six. Justin was taught by Jerry how to fly but Jerry was hesitant to teach Alex.

Magic Flying Broom- Theresa says in You Can't Always Get What You Carpet 'If they don't come back soon I want you to go to the basement and get me that magic broom'. When Max asks about she denies there is. The object is never seen.

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