Magical objects are items used by somebody with magical abilities such as a Wizard.

List of magical objects

  • Asteroid - A wizard world asteroid is an asteroid that travels through space faster than the speed of magic which prevents wizards from flashing onto it.
  • Alex's wand - A wand with a black handle, deep red shaft and a glass orb at the top which glows various colors when using magic.
  • E-wand - a very popular type of wand possessed currently by Max Russo. The E-wand possesses features such as opening portals, vanishing objects, levitates objects and has an E-mimmic feature. It is also an mp3 player which holds a trillion songs. The E-wand is maybe the best wand made so far.
  • Emotion Potions - Emotion Potions are potions that have the ability to make two individuals share the same emotion for a short while such as an angry potion if two individuals drink a half of the Anger Potion then they start to get angry with each other but say no negative things (used by Justin and Jerry) If a single individual drinks both halves of a potion for example Love Potion then they fall in love with themselves and when bratty their head swells in size and when they bag themselves it shrinks.
  • Broomstick- A broomstick is an object in the wizard world with the ability to fly either their created that way or there is a spell that makes them fly. Some particular families have a broom like The Russos has to be true because Theresa said if Alex and Jerry aren't back in ten miniutes that Justin goes and "the broom" and go search for them she denies that there is one when Max asks about it.
  • 77 Wandlore feather light wand - is a wand that has the appearance of a random magician's wand with the black shaft and white attachments. Jerry Russo grew up with this type of wand he said it helped him remove goblins from his basement at age 12 and is a tremendous backscratcher. This wand is now discontinued.
  • Wizard's Weekly Magazine - is a magazine portraying magic articles, ads, knowledge of magical events and more. At the back of the magazine there are ads with new wand types that can be bought such as the S-wand.
  • Abracadoodler - Is a magical board designed to make any object drawn on it to become real and materialize. It can also be used to view the WWWW and shop for magical merchandice.
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