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*[http://Selena Selena Gomez] as [http://Alex Russo Alex Russo]
*[[Selena Gomez]] as [[Alex Russo]]
*[http://David Henrie David Henrie] as [http://Justin Russo Justin Russo]
*[[David Henrie]] as [[Justin Russo]]
*[http://Jake T. Austin Jake T. Austin] as [http://Max Russo Max Russo]
*[[Jake T. Austin]] as [[Max Russo]]
*[http://Maria Canals Barrera Maria Canals Barrera ] as [http://Theresa Russo Theresa Russo]
*[[Maria Canals Barrera]] as [[Theresa Russo]]
*[http://David Deluise David Deluise] as [http://Jerry Russo Jerry Russo]
*[[David Deluise]] as [[Jerry Russo]]
*[http://Jennifer Stone Jennifer Stone] as [http://Harper Finkle Harper Finkle]
*[[Jennifer Stone]] as [[Harper Finkle]]
'''Guest Starring-'''
'''Guest Starring-'''
[http://Dan Benson Dan Benson] as Zeke
[[Dan Benson]] as Zeke
Valente Rodriguez as Muy Macho
Valente Rodriguez as Muy Macho

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“Magic Unmasked”
Season 4, Episode 12
Air date

May 13, 2011


Justin Varava


David DeLuise

Episode Chronology


Zeke Finds Out


Meet the Werewolves

"Magic Unmasked" is the twelfth episode of season four of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the ninety-first of the overall series. It first aired on May 13, 2011.


When a former legendary Luchador "Muy Macho" visits the Sub Station, Alex finds out that she was the reason why he quit lucha libre (wrestling), so she tries to make it up to him by arranging a lucha libre match with him and Jerry to restore his honor. Meanwhile, Zeke asks too many questions about wizardry, so Justin offers to grant him one magical wish if he promised he would stop questioning him about magic. Unfortunately, Zeke's wish is to defeat Muy Macho in the match. Max pretends to like Talia's hobbies, but doesn't enjoy them. But later, Max told Talia that he doesn't like her hobbies and told the truth that he is gross(admiting himself). When the wrestling starts, Max was watching, and when he looked to the side, a girl took out her mask showing she is Talia. She ask Max forgiveness for forcing him what he doesn't like to do. And Max accepts her apology showing that they are a couple again.


Guest Starring-

Dan Benson as Zeke

Valente Rodriguez as Muy Macho

McKaley Miller as Talia

Magical Spells/Objects

  • Mucha Boom Boom
  • Flashbacks
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